Hey there!

Thank you for your interest in following me along in this adventure I like to call life.

My name is Aaron Mottershead. I am 22, I have two cats, and an empty fridge… sigh***

Yes, adulting is hard. But I hope that by my sharing life’s embarrassing moments with the internet, one of you will find comfort in knowing that we are all struggling together.

Rather than finding a real job related to my degree, I currently do various gigs including, but not limited to: Balloon Twisting, stilt walking, living statue, radio promotions, and photography assisting. Every day is a new adventure, which is amazing and exciting, but you may be asking yourself “what about financial stability?!”. To which I would reply “…. HAHAHA… I don’t know and sometimes I cry inside from stress.” (I’m only kinda joking).

But I’m young, which is how I justified buying a camper van with the intentions of traveling all of North America with my boyfriend! So if you are like me, someone who has always been curious about living the nomad lifestyle, questioning how all these people on your Instagram feed found careers as Social Media Marketers, Bloggers and Vloggers, then you have come to the right place!

And while I probably would not recommend purchasing a camper van before actually figuring out how you are going to finance some magical adventure around the world (kinda like I just did…oooops), I’m sure we will have fun figuring it all out together.

See you on the road,

XOXO – Aaron