Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake music video re-make

I am not a singer… outside of my shower at least. But when I was assigned to come up with, record, and edit a music video my brain started lighting up with ideas.

After writing a very extensive list of possible songs and music videos to re-make and re-shape into my own I landed on Justin Timberlake’s award winning song Can’t Stop The Feeling.

It was perfect. Lots of dancing, and no singing required 😛

I gathered a group of 14 friends, who were willing to shake their tail feathers like fun-loving fools all around town, and off we went.

My loving boyfriend was cast in the role of JT himself. It went… well, by which I mean he didn’t break up with me for making him do a million re-takes, so that was good. Apparently I really take control when I have such a strong vision. But I am thankful for that realization. I know I am able to take control when it is necessary, but when I began asking for input from my team, creative ideas started flowing faster than the celebratory drinks after we finished.

So there we were, cruising all around town, in restaurants, laundromats, skate parks, and pet stores, dancing like crazy people and having so much fun doing so.

After a full day of dancing I had everyone over for pizza and games, and then the real work began.

I am a perfectionist. It is both a pro and a con in my life. Editing this video took hours! I went through the original second by second to match the movements and characters of the original as closely as possible to my own.

It was tedious and timely, but so worth it in the end product.

Take a look at the final product and tell me what you think?

It was such a blast to dance, choreograph, film, and edit this video. I got an A+ and I now know every word of the song by heart.

Thank you to everyone who helped me create this piece. I treasure the memories and I could not have done it without each and every one of you <3.

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