“You deserve better”

“You deserve better”

It’s a phrase that every young man and woman will likely hear at least once. Perhaps you already have.

In most instances, it will come from another young man or woman whom you like, trust, maybe even love.

Maybe you are already in a relationship, or you wish pursue one. Perhaps you got into a fight, or asked to move the relationship further, and they hit you with, “you deserve better”.

You hear these words and it’s like a trigger in our minds. The heart tricks your brain into thinking that you have found better. You think, “finally, someone at least recognizes what I deserve”.

I hope you experience everything that relationship has to offer. I hope this person has looked at you the way you have always wanted to be looked at. Kissed you passionately in the rain. Told you all the things you wanted to hear, but eventually you have to come to terms with what their words actually mean.

These words are not indications of their inability to be better, but rather their unwillingness to try. Simple words said to make us believe they care enough to recognize our worth, without having to put in any work to actually fix the situation. Words to make us wait for commitment that will never come.

So, to all those who have ever told that “you deserve better” – Believe them, because they are right.



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