YYC Hot Chocolate Fest

Sip Something Sweet!

YYC Hot Chocolate Fest 2018

Nothing beats curling your hands around a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day in February.

YYC Hot Chocolate Fest gathers some of Calgary’s greatest (and cutest) local cafes, warming our hands and our hearts. Proceeds from the event support Meals on Wheels, a non-profit organization providing nutritious meals to Calgarians in need.

You know how they say you can change a life by donating you coffee money for the day? Well now you can support a great cause AND have your hot chocolate too!

Whether you are born and raised, or new to Calgary, YYC Hot Chocolate Fest is a great way to discover a hidden gem in your hometown. I think Block Kitchen and Bar might be my new fave brunch spot with the gals?

With 98 participating vendors, you are sure to find, and fall in love with, a new local hang out spot. Maybe you are like me and had never been to a game board cafe?! Hexagon in Kensington is definitely worth checking out if you and your friends are in need of a new board game to try on games night! We played 5 different games in one night, and for $2.50/hr, it’s a great chance to make sure you like a game before buying it.

Love cats? ME TOO! The Regal Cat Cafe has whipped up a puuurrfect cocoa concoction for the event. Yes, you can seriously cuddle kittens and drink hot chocolate – it is literally my dream come true.

If you are a SAIT student in need of a caffeine fix, hit up the Odyssey Coffeehouse on campus and try their flirty chia – it has beats in it?! Say WHAT? I promise it is super tasty!

— P.S have you tried True Buch Kombucha yet? This is another YYC must try (and you can find it at SAIT)!

I have only tried a couple of these decadent treats so far, but don’t worry, we still have time to try a few more! The event runs from Feb 1 – 28th. See their website for a full list of participating vendors.



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