Home On Wheels

“There’s no place like home”

– Dorothy Gale, The Wizard of Oz


Well, we did it. With barely enough money for rent in our pockets, my partner and I made the (probably ill-advised) decision to purchase a Dodge Tradesman, our new home on wheels.

The idea was merely that, an idea, one that we fantasized about over the dinner table. Excited by the idea of living the #vanlife, the perceived “easy-life”, we started searching the web for a van within our budget that hopefully still ran. Despite having spent weeks scanning kijiji for our new home on wheels, I honestly do not believe either of us took it very seriously until we were driving 5 hours to the nearby town of Lethbridge and signing papers that officially made us the owners of a camper van older than the two of us combined.

Suddenly there was a rush of emotions, excitement with a splash of “oh my god what are we doing” and a hint of “what if this death trap kills us before we make it home”.

Truth be told, I think it is still more death-trap than van at the moment. It drives like a kite in the wind, blown all over the road with every gust. We did make it home okay, which was promising, but upon closer inspection it was pretty clear she would take a lot of TLC before we would be ready to take her out.

The person who owned the van before us was… creative, but his electrical and cabinet making skills were far from those of an expert. But for only $800 we took the plunge with no regrets and have committed ourselves to a whole lot of work for the next few months… or a year… or maybe two.

You may have noticed that previously I said the “perceived easy-life”. Yes, that was intentional. You see, there are a lot of things that people (i.e. people like us whom we refer to as “two-feet”, those who do not look down before jumping in the water) don’t tend to think about when they casually decide to travel the world in a van. Things like “how are we going to make money if we are leaving for a year?” or “do either of us actually know how to renovate the inside of a camper?”

We knew the renovation was not going to be easy, but we are fortunate enough to have people in our lives who can help us with the various skill sets we may be lacking. However, with this purchase also came a major career change. Having recently graduated, my goals have shifted from finding a dream job to creating my dream online social media consultancy. Gotta make that money somehow, because this girl has got to eat.

So who knows, maybe I become a successful entrepreneur! Or maybe we work in vineyards around BC and other odd jobs. Honestly, I would be pretty okay with both.

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